Aberdeen named CCTV capital of Scotland

Aberdeen is the CCTV capital of Scotland with more closed-circuit cameras than any other city in the country, reports eveningexpress.co.uk.

The publication claims that Aberdeen has 942 cameras for use in surveillance operations. These are owned by Aberdeen City Council, which seemingly believes that CCTV monitoring can help drive down crime in the area and alleviate some of the strain on its local constabulary.

Aberdeen has the highest number of council-operated cameras by some distance, with second-placed Edinburgh only hosting 232 devices.

Residents of the city might argue that having too many cameras strikes the wrong balance between safety and the right to privacy.

Emma Carr from Big Brother Watch, a group which campaigns to give individuals more control over their privacy, told i4u.com that an abundance of cameras can cause people to grow fearful about how often they’re being watched.

In response to her comments, a representative from Aberdeen City Council was on hand to brush aside claims of an invasion of privacy and insist that Aberdeen has managed its CCTV strategy in the correct manner.

He said: “There is no question that CCTV has to be managed sensitively and appropriately, however, the public should not fear CCTV unless of course they are committing a criminal offence.”


Richard Towey

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