CCTV Monitoring

Eurotech provides 24 hour CCTV surveillance for both large corporations and individual homeowners across the UK. Using the latest IP technology, our highly trained operators monitor both commercial and residential premises from our in-house Control Centre.

Our 35 years’ experience in the security industry allows us to develop bespoke surveillance systems to suit your individual needs; from design and installation through to monitoring and maintenance.

In addition to digital surveillance, we carry out random visual patrols allowing us to see exactly what’s happening at your premises – in person. Alternatively, you may prefer us to install a motion alarm to alert the Control Centre if it detects movement. In this instance, the operator will take charge of the entire CCTV security system to track intruders, record events and recommend appropriate action.

Here are some of the CCTV services we offer:

Remote Internet Monitoring: log-in and view your property online at any time and from any place in the world.
Hard-disk Recording: events are recorded at all times and date/time stamped on our robust hard-drive. Records are kept for several months.
On-site Observation: view live external activities through a monitor, local computer or your TV.
Remote Audio Monitoring: when linked to our interactive monitored alarm system our operators can listen in when the alarm is activated and maintain constant communication with security staff.

Our CCTV installations are capable of saving pictures to a high performance colour Digital Video Recording (DVR) unit, which means we can provide the highest quality video surveillance footage in the market.

Immix Platform

Your feeds come through to our Control Centre and are streamed into our Immix platform. This ensures we have one single point of entry to view and react to all activations, allowing us to dedicate our resources to maximise service productivity and delivery.

All our Immix data is managed via the cloud and is accessible on any internet-enabled device should the need arise.