Outsourced Control Room

Eurotech’s outsourced control facility is designed to offer both large and small businesses access to a highly trained team of controllers, able to provide expertise and professional management of security situations without the cost, technology and human resource associated with an in-house Control Centre.

Operational 24 hours a day, 365 days per year, our UK based Control Centre services include:

Live Monitoring of all Assignments – automated scheduling and roster checking, payroll and invoicing, and client access to scheduling systems.
Message Handling – telephone answered in your company identity 24 hours per day, confidential hotline and helpdesk
Smartphone or PDA System Access
Keyholding & Alarm Response Monitoring
Daily Operational Reports – management information and incident reporting
Lone Worker Monitoring
CCTV Monitoring
Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Protection

Managing your staff
This is an essential but time consuming process, and manual time sheets can produce inaccurate results. We can manage all of your assignments interactively and in real-time, using bespoke IT systems and telephone monitoring.

Automatic scheduling allows you to streamline all staff management, removing the administration of manually allocating assignments. Our systems will alert you when an issue is detected.

Eurotech understands that each and every assignment requires a different approach. This is why we work with our clients to develop bespoke monitoring instructions and requirements.

The Benefits of Outsourcing
Outsourcing your Control Centre function will enable your security business to focus on other important activities without sacrificing service quality by overstretching resource or increasing overheads.

Outsourcing is a cost efficient way of extending the functionality of your business and acquiring new skills and specialisms. We will act as an extension of your business; answering calls on your company’s behalf and providing continuity of brand by responding as your dedicated Control Centre.